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Fantastic Free Kick +Kick Wall


A new kind of 3D crazy free kick soccer (football) game is here! Astonishingly real and definitely not like the other ones.This app is tuned-in Brain training Sports Puzzle Game!Try to clear crazy insanely difficult stages!Use your finger and your brains to score awesome goals in crazy situations.This app is not mere sports game but Brain training Sports Puzzle Game!
Controls are dead simple, but the game is intricate and addictive.Will you be able to master the curved kicks??
【How to play】・Touch and swipe (flick) the ball to shoot・The direction of the swipe determines the direction of the ball・The position (height) at which you release the finger determines the height of the ball・The speed of the swipe determines the speed of the ball・To do a curved kick, touch and swipe the ball on one of its sides・If you touch the ball on its right side, its trajectory will bend to the left and vice versa・The more the point at which you touch the ball is far from its center, the tighter will the curve be・The slower the shoot, the tighter the curve, but if the curve is too tight the ball will not go very far・Swiping making a curve will not have any effect on the curvature of the trajectory of the ball・If you touch and swipe the ball on its top, it will describe a falling trajectory
Using a combination of these controls, you can achieve loop shoots or falling curved kicks.Swiping gently and making the ball roll to the goal might even become a technique which needs to be mastered.
You need repetitive training to master many techniques.
In addition, a strategic plan is important to score goal.
If you will be able to master many techniques, OH! Fantastic!You can make the showy kick and clear crazy insanely difficult stages!
There are 80 stages.
You can spend a great deal of time playing this app long time.
This app is perfect for killing time!
If you make the showy kick you are sure to thrill!
Take up the challenge and try to clear the whole stages!